Our Free Master Class reveals:

​'How to Successfully Run 5km'

 Without getting injured, making running feel hard, quitting, or just reinforcing that you suck at running!





What you'll learn at this FREE Master Class: 


'How to enable your body to run 5km, by staying away from injury, by making running feel easier, and by building a safe foundation for your body for the running movement.'


'How to get your head "out of the way" and get it working for you in a positive way so it is working for you instead of against you in this 5km goal'


'How to fit exercise into your busy life and to make this time the "right time" to succeed.' 


PLUS a HUGE Bonus: Just show up to the Master Class and Bevan will GIVE you the programme he has used to train over 4000 beginner exercisers to achieve the amazing goal of running 5km.

Your Presenter - Bevan James Eyles

Bevan James Eyles is an award winning, world leading fitness professional who has trained over 4000 beginner exercisers to achieve the amazing goal of running 5km.
His depth of knowledge is second to none. 

Bevan James Eyles

Fitness Guru





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