My 5k Dream - the complete beginner runners programme


What is My 5k Dream? 

My 5k Dream is a proven 10 week step-by-step training course designed to take you by the hand and provide you everything you need to run 5km at the end of the 10 week course and the best part is, you start when you are ready. 

We guide you through exactly how to prepare, plan and work thorough the My 5k Dream 5km walk/jog programme. 

  • Login 24/7 (digital and downloadable)
  • Literally step-by-step. Nothing is left out. No unnecessary fluff or shenanigans.

And we have a community of My 5k Dream’ers going along with you to help support you.


What’s included in the My 5k Dream Training Course? 

  • A 10 week step-by-step guide with weekly modules
  • 24/7 login access
  • 4 x awesome bonuses to help you in your journey to 5km
  • A toolbox containing your My 5k Dream programme, Strength Technique video, Strength Circuits 1 & 2 videos, and a Stretch Programme video.

As soon as you register, you will get immediate access (via username and password) to My 5k Dream, all Bonuses and your Toolbox.

  • You can login 24/7 (it is digital + downloadable so you can login to access the content & download the course and take it with you on the go).
  • You start the programme when you are ready.
  • The My 5k Dream content is available in video (MP4) and slides (PDF)
  • 4 week 100% money back guarantee


The My 5k Dream programme is proven and trusted by thousands of people who have been successful in running 5k. 

  • Proven programme with over 3,000 happy people.
  • The programme walks you through EVERY step of the way …planning, educating and doing  
  • Need some accountability, inspiration & feedback (and answers to any of your questions)? The My 5k Dream PRIVATE Facebook group (which you will get access to with your registration) has several like-minded people at all different stages of the My 5k Dream programme (and they are awesome!!).


What's included?


Your Toolbox

1. The programme with two levels to choose from

2. Strength technique video teaching you correct technique for strength moments

3. Strength Circuit 1 & 2 videos

4. A beginner runner's stretch routine video

Introduction Meeting

1. What you need before you start

2. The programme itself and videos for strength technique

3. This is going to be fun!

Week 1: The journey begins

1. The first goal is getting out the door

2. Learning about 'set up' behaviours

3. Walking and learning the strength movements

Week 2: Let's start running

1. The running begins

2. We add the strength work

3. Your support network is very important

Week 3: It’s technique time

1. Beginner runner's technique video

2. Each session is a learning opportunity

3. Listen to your body – injury prevention

Week 4: Time for energy in

1. What to eat

2. Resetting - a great mind tool

3. Your rest strategies

Week 5: You are running longer

1. You are running longer, what to reinforce

2. The strength work is changing up

3. You are halfway, pat yourself on the back!

Week 6: It’s time for your body

1. The best ways to recover

2. Don’t get ahead of yourself

3. How to challenge the strength work now you are stronger

Week 7: You are getting close

1. Setting up your final run

2. You become the inspiration

3. Where to focus – a great mind tool

Week 8: It’s all running from here

1. It’s all running from here, we stop the strength work

2. What has happened to your body

3. What’s your story?

Week 9: Your 5k run week!

1. How to run your 5k run

2. Prepare for your run

3. Get ready to celebrate

Week 10: You did it!

1. Celebrate what you have achieved

2. Learn and Reflect

3. Find your next goal


But wait there's more!

You Get Bonuses!

Women's Needs

Let’s face it, women have a few challenges to overcome when they do any type of activity – the stuff that isn’t normally talked about. Jo goes through some of the challenges we face as active women and gives you some helpful tips to make this journey a little more…comfortable.

Injury Management

Physiotherapist Kylie talks about the common niggles and injuries she sees with beginner runners – how to prevent and deal with them should they arise in your 5k journey.

It's all about Technique!

Bevan walks you through the key technique areas we want you to focus on during your My 5km Dream journey. Starting off with the right knowledge around good technique for running is invaluable.

Beginner Yoga and Stretch Video

Jo takes you through a really nice stretch/yoga sequence for beginners that will stretch out those areas we use in the running movement….ahhhhh.

Your Support Community

You have a support community right there whenever you need it. Our private, members only Facebook group is there to share your experiences with you, offer support and high fives!

Our Runners Love Us!

Check out Dani's video testimonial

“It is so well put together and tailored, it's impossible not to succeed”

Here are more awesome testimonials: 

'This plan is ultimately achievable for someone who has had no running experience or structured exercise prior to starting. It starts from scratch and there's the flexibility to do the training at a time of day that suits you. The added strength circuits are a real bonus in building up core strength as you go along on the journey and the gradual increase in running is all manageable.
Whilst this programme is focussed on achieving the goal of running 5km, the skills and additional information that you gain by participating will also help in other areas of your day to day life.'
 - Diane

“As the programme progressed and I was running more and walking less it was a great feeling to realise I could actually run 5kms” 

Annabel Harriss

“I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who is thinking about getting into running, no matter how fit you are, these guys are truly amazing.  If I can do it, anyone can!!”

Katrina Samual

'This is not just a 'print it out and pin it on your fridge' programme. The programme includes so many other tools like a yoga session, stretch and strength sessions and weekly video updates with Bevan. These pre-recorded weekly videos provide a wealth of guidance and information including running technique, nutrition, re-set strategies and injury prevention. I found these updates extremely motivating and supportive and Bevan’s style of sharing this information is friendly, down to earth and encouraging.' 

Emma Body

'I've just got in from completing my 5km run, I couldn't stop smiling the whole way through. When I signed up for My 5k Dream I really doubted I would be able to do this but this really works. I can't thank you guys enough, I've just achieved something I didn't think was possible.' - Susan

Susan Taylor

Who is My 5k Dream for?


You want to put yourself first!

You want to get off the couch and get active

You want to start yourself on a healthier path

You want to feel awesome about yourself

You want to start your running journey in a way that is safe for your body

You want to have a goal of running 5k in 10 weeks and achieve it

Bottom line

If you want to get off the couch and get active, be proactive and successful in starting your journey towards a healthier life, and run 5km then this course is for you.


How fit do I need to be before I start? 

Can I switch my training days around?

What gear do I need?

What if I have to miss a session?

How do I register and pay for My 5k Dream?

What happens if I get a niggle or injury during the programme?

Why do we do strength work in a running programme?

How long do I get access for?

When does it start?


What sort of a guarantee do you offer?

If, after 30 days you are not satisfied with our programme we will give you your money back ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 


So what do you have to lose? 


It's time to make the decision that is good for you


One off Payment


My 5k Dream 10 Week Training Programme





30 Day Guarantee

3 x Payment Instalments


My 5k Dream 10 Week Training Programme





30 Day Guarantee

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