We help beginner exercisers run 5km

Get healthy and fit l Put time into yourself l Achieve something you never thought possible l Run 5km!

My 5k Dream - the total beginners running programme

Do you struggle with exercise and fitness? 

  • Are you not currently exercising?

  • Are you struggling with your health, fitness and wellbeing? 

  • Does the idea of exercise make you feel disappointed or guilty? 

  • Do you sometimes feel you may fail with exercise? 

  • Do you get lost or confused when you think about how to start exercising?

  • Do you wish you could put time into yourself? 

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The My 5k Dream difference - we have the proven  formula that will get you to your 5km finish line! 


It's our '4 Step Beginner Runners Plan

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

A programme designed for beginners

A programme that is designed for a total beginner exerciser that has every single thing you need to be successful.

A mentor to guide you every step of the way

You don't have to be confused, a great mentor can guide you through your journey. 

A practical/logisitcal approach

You learn the practicality and logistical requirements on how to fit exercise into your life.

You run 5km!


You get fitter, healthier, and achieve something for yourself. 

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Our total beginner running system has helped over 4000 people run 5km

What people are saying about My 5k Dream 

'This plan is ultimately achievable for someone who has had no running experience or structured exercise prior to starting. It starts from scratch and there's the flexibility to do the training at a time of day that suits you. The added strength circuits are a real bonus in building up core strength as you go along on the journey and the gradual increase in running is all manageable.
Whilst this programme is focussed on achieving the goal of running 5km, the skills and additional information that you gain by participating will also help in other areas of your day to day life.'

Annebel Harris

'I've just got in from completing my 5km run, I couldn't stop smiling the whole way through. When I signed up for My 5k Dream I really doubted I would be able to do this but this really works. I can't thank you guys enough, I've just achieved something I didn't think was possible.'

Susan Taylor

'This is not just a 'print it out and pin it on your fridge' programme. The programme includes so many other tools like a yoga session, stretch and strength sessions and weekly video updates with Bevan. These pre-recorded weekly videos provide a wealth of guidance and information including running technique, nutrition, re-set strategies and injury prevention. I found these updates extremely motivating and supportive and Bevan’s style of sharing this information is friendly, down to earth and encouraging.' 

Emma Body

How does My 5k Dream work? 

My 5k Dream is an online course that has everything you need to change your path to health, fitness and wellbeing. Our programme has the 3 key ingredients needed for success: A Programme designed specifically for beginners; Mentoring that sits alongside your journey; Practical Tools you need for success. By the end of your My 5k Dream journey you run 5km!


Our runners tell us that they are healthier and fitter, have more energy and they love that running has given them more confidence around exercise. They feel good about themselves, have made social connections within the team and running is now a normal part of their lives.  


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Watch this video to discover how My 5k Dream help you get to the finish line of your 5km goal.

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Who is My 5k Dream for?

  • If you currently aren't exercising and are unsure how or where to begin
  • If you would like to run but don't know how to start
  • If you feel that it's time to do 'something for you'
  • If you want to transform from feeling unfit to be proud of your 'exercising self'
  • If you have been a runner in the past, or who may have been injured and want to get back into it gradually and safely.

I can't believe that when I see other people running I think to myself 'I'm a runner'.
That would have never happened without My 5k Dream -

Dani's Amazing My 5k Dream Journey

Dani was a mum with young children and had been struggling a bit with life's stresses, she was feeling physically unhealthy and had no time for herself. That's until she did My 5k Dream. Check out her amazing journey in this video. 


'Trust the programme and trust yourself because it is achievable, it's not intimidating at all. It's so well tailored to beginners, it's impossible not to succeed' - Dani Thomas

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What's my investment? 

How much has a lack of healthy choices cost you in the past? Where will this lead you if you stay on the same path for the next 10 years? How much of your time do you spend feeling guilty, concerned or disappointed about your current health and fitness? Is this a place you want to stay in? 


Now is the time for change  and Get up to Five is the path to choose.  

The Get up to Five programme includes: 

  • The Training Programme
  • Mentoring Sessions 
  • The Practical Tools 
  • You run 5km!
  • A 100% money back guarantee

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'Don't wait to join? I looked a the website for 2 years before I joined and after I had run my 5km I wished I had done it earlier.' - Kath 

There are 3 easy steps to join 

1. Click on the 'Join Right Now' button     

2. Choose your price and go through the payment process    

3. Go to your email for your membership details 

Our Guarantee

It's simple, if you aren't happy with My 5k Dream we will refund you 100% of your payment. So what do you have to lose? 


How fit do I need to be before I start? 

Can I switch my training days around?

What gear do I need?

What if I have to miss a session?

How do I register and pay for My 5k Dream?

What happens if I get a niggle or injury during the programme?

Why do we do strength work in a running programme?

How long do I get access for?

When does it start?

Remember that if you have any questions that we haven't covered here you can email us at any time, click here. 

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